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Our tracking is a solution integrating world-class AI technology and offering flexibility at scale. By delivering on- and off-the-ball tracking data points, our system unlocks innovative data-driven solutions to enhance fan experience and tell teams and fans quality of play.

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SHL-Multiple Data Capture Systems

SHL-Multiple Data Capture Systems

Multiple data capture systems 

Solutions designed to suit different needs across sports covering ball tracking and fully integrated with event data, both our own and that of 3rd parties.


The world’s first and only fully automated, real-time player 6 camera tracking system.

Sportlogiq’s state-of-the-art tracking system leverages a multi-angle, full-pitch vision to deliver complete, real-time player, ball, and formation tracking as well as 3D body tracking to generate in-depth game context.

  • 99.9% accuracy in real time, available by API, FTP, or platform interface
  • No manual correction
  • Full locational data for all players



single cam soccer

single cam soccer


Our panoramic single-angle solution tracks the complete pitch to provide player and ball movement and formation information.

  • Over 99% accuracy with minimal manual correction
  • Available within 6 hours of game end by API, FTP, or platform interface
  • Full locational data for all players

Broadcast feed hardware

Our broadcast-based capture is a game-changer offering base level tracking data for scouting purposes on competitions across the globe. Sportlogiq has made the football world smaller and more accessible for stakeholders across the globe.

  • Over 96% accuracy with manual correction
  • Available within 18 hours of game end by API, FTP, or platform interface
  • On-screen location of all players in frame

Broadcast Feed Hardware FiELD

Broadcast Feed Hardware FiELD

2D & 3D Body Pose

We use 2D & 3D body pose estimation to understand the position & movement of players on the ice, pitch, or field. This technology allows for a more forensic examination of a player’s performance and a deeper understanding of what’s happening in the game. 

3D Body Pose in football

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