Sportlogiq’s team of Data Analysts process raw data obtained from broadcast feeds and model it into actionable insights tailored to the expertise of the sport 

These insights are trusted by: 

  • 30 NHL Teams 
  • The SHL, AHL, and USHL 
  • NFL Teams 
  • NCAA Football Programs 
  • English Premier League and MLS Clubs 


Our Computer Vision experts provide Sportlogiq with the technology to collect tracking data that sets up event detection. Event detection, part of the Machine Learning process, enables our team to assemble the largest database in sport

Pose Estimation 

We use pose estimation to understand the position & movement of players on the ice, pitch, or field. This technology allows for a more forensic examination of a player’s performance and a deeper understanding of what’s happening in the game.







Through Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and the work of our Data Analysts, Sportlogiq can produce models that provide teams with game-changing metrics such as: 

  • Expected Goals (Hockey) 
  • Automated Time on Ice (Hockey)
  • Physical Metrics (Soccer) 
  • Contextual Metrics (Soccer)
  • Tracking Data (Soccer) 

Access to these AI powered metrics allow teams to discover tendencies within their own roster and their opponents that gives them a competitive edge

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