Pre & Post-Game Reports

Using our exclusive and rich datasets, Sportlogiq reports provide a detailed look at Even-Strength (ES), Power Play (PP) and Short-Handed (SH) situations. In addition, access to our web portal allows users the ability to customize the report and have it fit their team’s needs.

  • Date range filters to explore blocks of games throughout the season
  • Team-specific filters
  • Post-game reports providing direct and easy access to video playback and focusing on events tracked exclusively by Sportlogiq
  • Player level insights with the power to generate side by side player comparison

Season Reports

The season report is a detailed data-based report focusing on an individual team or team’s strengths, weaknesses and system/style of play. It provides specific insights regarding a team’s play and users can compare different points in the season, as well as see a team’s performance over multiple games against a specific opponent.

  • Access to all our unique and proprietary player and team level statistics and advanced analytics metrics
  • Strengths and weaknesses of a team's opponent

Actionable Insights

Full access to the Sportlogiq web-based interface provides exclusive and in-depth analysis of every facet of both team and player performance. The granularity of the datasets provide team insights not available anywhere else! Our clients know more about their own strengths and where to find opposition weaknesses. Put simply, we help teams win.

  • Actionable data that can be used by coaches and easily transferred to practice
  • Custom metrics
  • Optimal for pre-scout production

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