Next generation xG 

Betting companies of all types are able to utilise Sportlogiq's unique data and insights to maximize margins, increase player acquisition and generate revenue.



More accurate predictive modelling

Skilled analysts, traders and odds modelling teams can benefit from more detailed, more accurate and more insightful data by making use of Sportlogiq's unique collection methodology.

By utilising the most granular data available, betting companies can move beyond basic xG to create highly predictive models, increasing margins and finding a new edge.

Risk mitigation & integrity protection

Betting companies can limit their exposure to risk by utilizing more detailed, more accurate and less freely available data from Sportlogiq.

This level of information can assist with market creation and bet settlement, as well as feed into integrity monitoring solutions for odds modelling operations of all types.

fc mockup matchbarcharts

fc mockup matchbarcharts

logiqbets v8

logiqbets v8

Fan facing content for player acquisition

Sportsbooks looking to gain extra traction in an increasingly competitive market can turn to Sportlogiq. Our data in hockey, soccer and football can be used to create innovative, revenue driving player props or special bets.

Our media friendly content, including video, editorial and audio options, can be created with a betting slant, incorporating your branding and key messages, to drive customer acquisition and retention.

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