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Sportlogiq uses computer vision and machine learning to produce data and insights. Across the world, elite teams from Hockey, Soccer and Football are making smarter decisions by utilizing Sportlogiq's cutting-edge analytics products.


Revolutionizing the world of sports analytics

By utilizing cutting-edge Computer Vision and Machine Learning technology, Sportlogiq collects, analyzes sports data that is used to support analytics and recruitment teams in elite sport globally.  Across Hockey, Soccer and Football we enable teams to surface never-before-seen insights into their sport, allowing for better, quicker and more informed decision making across entire organizations

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The world leader in hockey data and analytics

  • Trusted partner of 30 NHL teams
  • Unique Sportlogiq metrics are used for performance analysis, opposition scouting and recruitment
  • Official Data Partner of the SHL

Physical, tracking and contextual metrics using Broadcast Tracking

  • Compare any player from any league 
  • Consistent physical, tracking and contextual event metrics
  • One consistent data set from the world of soccer
  • Utilize game changing data in player recruitment or match analysis

rashfordsimilarity topspeed 1

rashfordsimilarity topspeed 1



The next generation of college football data

Through our partners, Telemetry Sports and XOS Digital we can offer:

  • Full optical tracking of all 22 players
  • Video Playback per play
  • Formation / Positions by play
  • And much more

Not all shots are 
created equal

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