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Our Computer Vision AI technology is at the centre of everything we do and the granular way in which we measure players Techical, Tactical and Physical Metrics is just the tip of the iceberg. Our data will lead to a revolution in the way soccer teams recruit players in the future.

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api image

Physical Metrics & Tracking Data

Compare physical metrics for players across multiple leagues, using a consistent tracking dataset.  Data includes:

  • Top Speed
  • Total Distance
  • Jog Distance & Jog Count
  • Low Speed Run Distance & Low Speed Run Count
  • High Speed Run Distance & High Speed Run Count
  • Sprint Distance & Sprint Count

Contextual Metrics

Analyse performance in new ways using all new contextual metrics such as:

Phases of Play Defensive Pressure Intensity Clear Passing Options
Clear Line-Breaking Options Players Bypassed with Pass/Carry Line-Breaking Carries
Receiving Context

  • Shot Clarity
Passing Lanes Blocked
Defensive Lines Held or Broken Closest Defender Distance Shot Lane Blocks by Defender


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image 2




Our data-analysts are experts in their fields and passionate about soccer. They answer complex questions and help you reach your end goal in a precise and accurate way.

By combining their deep knowledge of soccer data with contextual game models, our team delivers bespoke reports and tailored services to help your club win more matches and reach new heights.

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