Introducing Sportlogiq’s New Look

Sportlogiq, the world’s leading AI-powered sports analytics company, has partnered with New York City-based creative shop The Forest Studio to give our brand a facelift and allow for a more inclusive identity. We’re excited to unveil our new look—an evolution that reflects where we are in 2019 and where we’re headed in the future.

The Leading Authority in Sports Tech

The brief was not a full rebrand but a refresh and alignment of Sportlogiq’s internal and external offerings.

“Having numerous verticals within Sportlogiq’s core business was definitely a factor in how we tackled this project. Evolution not revolution was a constant, whilst we worked not only on the main identity but the sub brands within the group,” said Karl Hudson, Creative Director, The Forest Studio. “The mark(s) needed to span across multiple stakeholder groups and sports.”

Our evolution has enabled us to present directly to areas of the industry and house products within—a ‘one-stop shop’ if you will—for our partners’ sports analytics needs.


The core colours are Spectrum Blue and Precision Silver/Gray. The metallic was a tip of the hat to our founder Craig Buntin who competed in the 2006 Winter Olympic games.

The ‘Corporate Mark’ is intended to work primarily on a white background and be printed using metallic foils and inks. When the identity is used online, Precision Silver turns to Precision Grey. The overall mark was designed to be flexible and inclusive and allows us to align closer with our partners.

One Brand, Many Personalities

The overall mark and accompanying colour palette is varied and reflects the products themselves. For example, ‘iQ Labs’ in Sunburst Yellow is the brains behind the brand and the tech that powers our sports analytics products. It is the technical foundation that all of Sportlogiq’s products are built on—exactly why yellow is the perfect match for this.

The refresh provides the flexibility to develop with Sportlogiq’s continued growth. As the company evolves, the brand will evolve with it.

We’re looking forward to seeing what comes next!

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