For teams

Our machine intelligence watches every second of every game and captures the most advanced sports analytics in the world. We then transform the data into meaningful, actionable insights to help you win more games.

  • Instant video playback

  • Player cards containing metrics, trends and player comparisons

  • Pre and post-game reports and custom metrics

  • Event filtering for visualizing players’ skills and tendencies

  • User-friendly, intuitively designed, and simple to navigate analytics platform

  • Our software is trusted and used by over two-thirds of NHL teams

For media

Tell meaningful, engaging stories that resonate with your viewers. Our AI-powered sports analytics software makes it easy for writers, producers, editors, and commentators to discover compelling stories and find relevant data to incorporate into their storytelling.

Feeling uninspired? We can help you enhance existing storylines with our original content, including custom storylines, graphics and animations.

  • Find and add layers of context to never-before-told stories supported by our proprietary data

  • Our custom content can be applied to multiple platforms, including television, digital and social media

  • In tracking over 250 individual game metrics, we provide the most comprehensive analysis in hockey, soccer and beyond

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